It might sound like something simple, but there are some key considerations before hanging a frame on a wall.

Location, location, location – is everything for frame placement!

1. Always place frames at eye level

One common mistake when hanging framed photos has to do with placement, hanging your frame too high or too low.

The trick is to keep your frames around eye-level. Any higher and you and your family/friends will get a cricked neck. Any lower and you’ll miss them completely.

(Note – this is different when considering a whole gallery wall. Then, the group as a whole should be considered as one and the rule applied.)

PRO TIP | To measure the right height like a pro, know this: eye level is approximately 145cm to 150cm from the floor. Art galleries place paintings at 145cm from floor level.

2. Mark the height

But wait! There is no need to draw on the wall!

Place a strip at the right height as mentioned above and centre as best you can by eye, then use a pencil to mark the height for your frame placement.

PRO TIP | Use masking tape!

3. Consider the furniture beneath

When hanging your frame above a piece of furniture like a bed or sofa, a good rule of thumb is to leave at least 15cm between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the frame for breathing room.

4. Centre a frame on a wall or between key room elements

To maintain a sense of balance it is key to centre your frame on the wall. Sometimes you will have a plain wall, which is simple. Other times, you may place a picture between a door and a bookshelf, for example.

This is when your measuring tape comes in handy! Measure where halfway is and mark this on your masking tape. Now you can marry up the two marks and this will be the centre of your frame.

You can do one of two things here, ask someone to hold your frame up over the centre point and check you are happy, before actually drilling your wall.

PRO TIP | Use felt or adhesive bumpers on the corners of your frame so you don’t mark or scuff the wall during this part of the process to check placement.

Or, you can use the masking tape to measure your frame and put this mock up on the wall as a template.

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