Together we are improving everyday environments through inspiring photography directly from your sofa.

The spaces we live in are reflections of our personality, while the spaces we work in are portrayals of a company’s brand personality.

At inkopia we bring photography to every household and business through photo printing as a means of encapsulating that feeling and personality.

All of us spend a huge amount of time in our homes and offices and when it comes to decorating these spaces we should think about creating the right atmosphere with amazing photo printing. Pictures, whether photos or artwork, generate emotions and responses in people.

An image of a specific place can remind of wonderful times, a photo of friends or family can create a sense of warmth, a split second scene from our past can bring a smile or a tear.

These emotions are important as they remind us to feel. Feeling focuses the mind in the moment and embracing it enhances our daily mindfulness.

People invest in pictures emotionally – this is extremely important when it comes to surrounding ourselves with images in our daily lives that can have a direct impact on our mood and frame of mind.

Through our online photo printing platform we champion unique wall spaces and together we are encouraging more awe-inspiring images in daily spaces through a variety of photo printing mediums: personalised prints, canvas prints, canvas frames, acrylic and aluminium.

We hope to provoke positive emotion and help start a conversation.


Decorating your walls has never been easier

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The founders

inkopia has been an idea brewing for a while. And we believe that good things come to those who wait. Started by three like-minded individuals who have a keen eye for detail, a love of design and a vision of how décor in its many forms can start a conversation, inkopia was brought to life. We hope you enjoy browsing the photography on our site and producing your own unique piece of art for your space.

inkopia - Richard

Richard Sanders

…and chief digresser!

The man behind the idea. Richard reminds us that business is all about people and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. However, he is very serious about an efficient production process and keeping his suppliers content.

inkopia - Jenny

Jenny Moore

…and chief tea drinker!

Literally putting inkopia into the public space with her marketing bag of tricks. Jenny uses her diligent attention to detail and extensive expertise to put the business into motion, while keeping the team inking along on the straight and narrow.


Aimee Warren

… and miss-chief maker!

Aimee has a passion for ideas, creativity and making people happy. Her bubbly nature filters into the very essence of inkopia. She also injects her savvy design skills into our brand and solution-driven thinking throughout our daily business.