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How do you plan a gallery wall?

Gallery wall planning Gallery walls are a great way of bringing a collection of your... Read more

Top tips for taking a great landmark photo

Nick Arundel’s images of famous Dubai landmarks regularly feature on the likes of TimeOut Dubai,... Read more

Photographer Spotlight: Viktoryia Vinnikava

Viktoryia Vinnikava proclaims she is shy. However as she talks to inkopia about her various... Read more

Photographer Spotlight: Nick Arundel

Nick Arundel was one of the original 16 photographers (inkopians) to join us when we... Read more

Judging #nikonxinkopia photographer entries

Over 40 photographer entries submitted Over 40 photographers submitted their creative artwork for an opportunity... Read more

Photographer Spotlight: Duncan Chard’s Mosque Project

A journey Duncan believes he is on a journey with each project and that trying... Read more

Photographer Spotlight: Duncan Chard

Duncan Chard was one of the original 16 photographers (inkopians) to join us when we... Read more

Photographer Spotlight: Daniel Newton

South African photographer, Daniel Newton, captures a distinctive calm feeling in his images. A fresh... Read more

6 tips on how to hang a frame

Are you looking at your wall and trying to figure out how to hang a... Read more

4 tips for frame placement on your wall

It might sound like something simple, but there are some key considerations before hanging a... Read more

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