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All of our photographers are based in the UAE, but they are from all over the world. We represent a united nations!

That’s great news! Please submit your details here.

All our photographers have a price-scale choice and it is up to them to decide at what price point to sell their images.

We try to be as objective as possible – everyone has different taste. Ultimately we choose them based on if we think they are amazing and whether someone would hang them on their wall. Images should spark delight, create an impact or be relatable in a way to the individual.

Photography / Products

Our products are hand made in the UAE. We use the best quality printers and framers at competitive market rates. We support local companies within the UAE.

As each of our products is based on individual selection (size, format, frame) each item is bespoke and therefore has to be made to order. This makes every item totally unique.

Our smallest size is 20 x 20 cm square. When you add a frame this will become slightly larger.

Our largest standard size is 120 x 85 cm, but our limited editions go up to 150 x 100cm and we can print any size through our bespoke service.

We have given you options to choose from to make it easy to select. If, however, you wish to purchase a size that is specific to the space you have then we can of course print bespoke. Just email us your dimensions and specific format preferences and the product name, or your own hi res image.

A Canvas Sheet is just the flat piece of canvas (no frame and will come rolled). A Stretched Canvas is where the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame so it is a solid structure. A Canvas in a Floating Frame is a stretched canvas inserted into a frame that sits around the canvas. You can see the different example images for these here.

Personal images

In order for our print team to produce a great quality print of your image that isn’t pixelated, the original file must be at least 2MB for the smallest size of 200x200mm. This requirement increases exponentially. So, an image at our largest size of 1000x1000mm will need to be at least 5MB.


All the details of your order will be available in MyAccount. This will provide information on the item(s) you ordered, how much it was, payment information and when it is due for delivery.

Either notify the customer service team immediately via +971504589272 or send an email to the customer service team with the confirmation email of your order and a picture of the item you have received. Our team will call you to organise a replacement with the correct item as soon as possible. Make sure the packaging is intact of the item you have to keep the item new and clean.

If you ordered a decaf skinny latte with caramel syrup extra hot, and then decided you changed your mind after they had made it, would Starbucks allow a return and refund? Our answer is the same, as your purchase is tailor made to your requirements.

Of course! Just call our customer service team on +971504589272 and they will be able to reschedule the delivery date for you.

As your order is made-to-order, our delivery schedule is within 5-7 days.

In MyAccount on you can track where your order is in the manufacturing process. Or, you could call our customer service team on +971504589272 who will be happy to find out for you.


We accept Visa or Mastercard. Make sure your card details are correct with the right billing address. If it isn’t working, please contact your bank.


Due to the bespoke nature of our products we cannot accept returns if you have changed your mind or for any other aesthetic reason. It there was an issue on installation by our team and the product was damaged accidentally, this should be highlighted to our customer service team on the day of delivery or within 48 hours maximum. In this instance, we will replace the product at our next available opportunity.

Also please review the Terms of Use policy here.


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Note: Your code may only apply on specific products only, until a set deadline date or on a minimum spend.

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Customer Testimonial

“Excellent service, fast turnaround, really good prints on acrylic done quickly and a great price. Would highly recommend!”

Rucksana Chowdhury / inkopia Shopper